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Santa Maria & Sage Salmon

This recipe was kindly sent in in by Steve Johnson from Southern California.

"We purchase a coupe of salmon fillets each week and enjoy them spiced with Scott's Santa Maria Seasoning, then grilled over charcoal and sage.


Salmon Fillet

Scott's Santa Maria Seasoning


The Cook

Two hours before starting the charcoal, I collect a half-bucket of sage clippings and spray them with water (we live in Southern California, and five or six species of sage grow wild in our yard).

I liberally sprinkle the salmon filets with Scott's Santa Maria Seasoning, and lay out on a perforated baking sheet wiped with peanut or avocado oil.

Once the coals are glowing, I pour the water off the sage clippings, and sprinkle the clippings directly on top of the briquets. Once they start steaming and smoking, I place the sheet and salmon on the grill, and cover.

About 8 minutes later, the salmon is cooked through, a little crusty (yum!), and ready to bring to the table.

This preparation is extremely popular at our potluck dinners!

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